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Prince of Wales Island

There is a unique human-wildlife conflict occurring on Prince of Wales Island within that archipelago. Both humans and wolves are competing for the same food source, the Sitka Black-tailed Deer. The result of this conflict is over harvesting of these wolves. I am going to document and interview trappers to illustrate why they choose to trap these wolves and to understand their motivation.

Secondly, I will document the wolves and deer on Prince of Wales and the surrounding islands to illustrate the importance of old growth forests for the survival for both the deer and wolves.

Finally, I will depict how the landscape has been altered through large scale deforestation. This loss of habitat has negative impacts on humans, wolves, and the deer. This project began May 26th, 2022.

50% of all profits from print sales will be donated back to Alaska Wildlife Alliance. 

To learn more and to donate to this story please visit my partner's website, Alaska Wildlife Alliance.