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Camping in Katmai - Autumn 2022

Camping in Katmai - Autumn


$6,000 USD from Anchorage.

September 1-7th, 2022.

Maximum Participants: 5 - 2 spots open

Come join me on an adventure of a lifetime! On this tour we will be camping in the remote costal region of Katmai National Park with one goal in mind: to photograph the famous brown bears in the best lighting conditions imaginable and constant field time. We will have the ability to work from sunrise to sunset in regions of the park that have much lower traffic compared to the famous destinations. Imagine rolling out of your tent and being able to photograph the bears under the midnight sun just a short walk away! The beauty of camping is not only do we get to work the best light, it also happens at a time when outfitters do not fly into the park due to safety conditions of flying in the dark, meaning we will have the bears all to ourselves at optimal photography hours. The long days also means there is ample time to do one-on-one portfolio reviews and critiques, presentations on topics such as conservation photography, camera trapping, working in backcountry scenarios, ethical wildlife photography, creative/abstract photography, macro, artificial lighting, and landscape photography during the harsh midday light. During this trip, our opportunities will include bears digging for clams and fishing for salmon. The bears will be nice and fat for the trip!

I will be your sole guide on this excursion - combining my 16 years of working in rural back country locations, my background in ecology and science, and my exuberance regarding all things concerning nature; it’ll surely be a memorable adventure and educational experience.  Our exact destination will be determined by my pilot, who has been working in this park for over 30 years. He understands the movement of the bears and how that coincides with different salmon runs throughout the park, providing us the best opportunities. The portfolio included here was all photographed using his knowledge and wisdom of the area.


This will be a very rustic, back country adventure. Modern amenities, internet, and cell service will not be available. There will be a generator available to charge gear. You must be able to hike at least two miles day, likely more, while carrying your photography equipment. Maximum group size is 5 participants, plus myself. The deposit is $2,000, with the balance due 60 days before workshop.


If you’re looking to photograph the sows and cubs feed in the sedges, digging for clams, and mating check out my Camping in Katmai: Spring tour!


This is an all-inclusive adventure from Anchorage. All you need to do is show up with cameras and clothes! The following is included:


  • Lodging in Anchorage the night before Departure.
  • Flights to and from Katmai National Park from Anchorage.
  • All camping equipment, including solo tents for every person, including sleeping bag and sleeping pad.
  • Electrified bear fences for camp and our cooking area.
  • All food and beverages excluding alcohol.
  • Portable privacy gravity shower.
  • Two portable privacy bathrooms.
  • Generator to charge equipment.
  • Water bottles with filters for each participant.
  • One on one portfolio reviews and presentations on a variety of topics.