Artist Statement

I originally began pursuing photography to try and capture my experiences in the natural world. As I became more invested in the pursuit of documenting nature, the resulting images have become more of an expression of how I view reality. As an artist, I chose photography as a means for me to express my passion for wilderness and to convey its importance in each of our lives. My camera is merely a tool that helps me tell a greater story, one about a world in peril as our ecosystems are continually ravaged.

As a photographer, I spend countless hours in the field chasing elusive wildlife, temperamental weather, and fleeting light. I am fortunate if I walk away with an amazing picture at the end of the day. Only a handful of images I capture each year merit a spot in my portfolio. Immersing myself in nature has become a way of life, and I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and I am excited for the experiences to come; the ability to capture these rare moments and to share them with the world fills me with enthusiasm for life and the motivation needed to use my work towards conservation and environmental awareness efforts.

All of the images represented here are depictions of reality. Minimal post-processing is applied to each image, nothing is added or removed from any images. All wildlife images are wild animals captured in their natural environment without the use of bait, feeding or playback calls. I strive to capture nature as it is, with minimal human impact. I abide to the philosophy of “leave no trace” very rigidly.